New Teaser Lights Up for Fire City: King of Miseries

And the badassery continues! Another teaser has come our way for the new project from special effects legend and Academy Award-winning creature designer Tom Woodruff, Jr., entitled Fire City: King of Miseries. Dig it!

The short film Fire City: King of Miseries is directed by Woodruff as a stand-alone film that will set the stage for his feature length directorial debut, Fire City: The Interpreter of Signs. (…)

The short film centers on a fortune teller in the demon world, called an interpreter of signs (Haiduk), who reads the fortune of a paranoid demon named Christopher (Robinson) and discovers he’s not telling her the full story. After forcing him to reveal he’s found a device, a chronolet, that allows its user to travel back in time, the interpreter pleads with Christopher not to use the device. Not only is it impossible for her to read the fortune of a past which hasn’t happened yet, the device poses too great a danger. Will he take her advice or will he risk our future and his own for a demon’s chance at an untold fortune?

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