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Grab the latest CBS issue of Soaps In Depth! Stacy Haiduk (Patty) shares her excitement at bringing her complex — and crazy — character back to Genoa City! On sale now!


The Young and the Restless

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Soap Opera Digest Article

Y&R’s Patty Williams, played by Stacy Haiduk, is back in Genoa City, and the actress is elated. “I was with my daughter in New York and I got the email from my agent,” she recalls of getting news that the show wanted her to return. “I responded right away with ‘Yay?, followed by 20 exclamation points. I was thrilled. I knew that playing Patty is going to be fun. It always is.” Haiduk has already started taping and is excited to see what will happen with her character. “There are really no limits on what you can do with Patty. It really depends on the mood. Is she in a good place or a bad mood? She’s very unpredictable, but she never intends to hurt anyone. In the past, she’s been manipulated by the wrong people. It will be interesting to see if that happens again.” For more, pick up the new issue of Digest, on sale now. Source.


#YR Fan Event Photos

Daytime Confidential has posted Steven Bergman’s photos of the fan event here. Enjoy!


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New Interview About #YR and Acting @StaceHaiduk – English Version

The promised English version of Dominique Fortier’s interview with Stacy.

You have a very impressive filmography and played in many series such as Prison Break and Heroes. Tell us about your most memorable roles you’ve played.
I guess playing Lana Lang in the Superboy series was one role I will never forget. It was my first Television series. Looking back on it now, it was a show of that time. It was truly innocent. Special effects on the show weren’t what they are now, but it was an absolute joy!!! Lillie Langtry on The Kindred was another character and show I really enjoyed. A bit ahead of its time though. Would have loved to see that one go a bit longer than only the 7 episodes. I feel very blessed to have played such a variety of characters through the years and I look forward to more.

How did you discover the world of soap operas and how do you compare it with your experience in other TV series?
I had auditioned on a lot of them when I first moved to N.Y.C. I did a small role on Another World. But really it wasn’t until All My Children when I had an opportunity to work as a contract player. I was pretty nervous because the first day I got on the set I had 20 pages to memorize and it wasn’t just a line here and there. It was monologues. [Continue reading…]


Today On The Young and the Restless

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Thank You Note From Stacy

From Stacy’s Facebook Page: I wanted to just take a moment though, to thank each and everyone of you, from the first round and the ones who came out and participated in this second round auction as well. I was very surprised and feel so blessed to have such wonderful people like you helping. You have all amazed me more that you will know. Thank you so very much. xoxoxoxx

Stacy Haiduk Signed YR Items for Save A Kitty

There’s still a box of goodies with super rare items on their way from Stacy to us, but we already have close to a 100 items we’ll be auctioning off starting Saturday on eBay. Below is a quick shot of *all* the Super Sekret Stacy Stash and a picture preview of the YR related items. The YR list includes signed magazine covers, 8 x 10 photos and Stacy’s signed shooting script of the episode that aired December 13, 2011. Feel free to comment on the photos at Stace’s Facebook page.