Save A Kitty

It’s Official: We’re Doing A Fundraiser/Auction

From Stacy’s Facebook page:
Well, this month I am excited to say I am going to do another Auction!!! Some of the proceeds will go to “Save a kitty” and some of it will go to a project that I am very excited about called “Megs Mallone”!!! Its a project that was written for me last year and I am hoping to get enough funds to at least shoot a couple scenes, so that I can shop it around town. I hope you all will participate. I was so thrilled from the last auction we had and everyone that came and helped. Thank you!!! So I will let you know more as we get closer to the date which will be near my Birthday!!
Much love and light!!!

Day 1 preview below, guess the show!

REMINDER: Save A Kitty Fundraiser at the VeggieGrill TONIGHT!

Please support this great cause!

Auction Giveaway Winners Announced

As a thank you for your enthusiastic participation we’ve added a few more items to the giveaway. Below is the list folks selected at random from the impressive list of folks who helped promote Stacy’s Save A Kitty, CA Auction on Twitter, Facebook, other social media outlets and on their websites:

  • April Davis on Facebook
  • Christopher @
  • Judy Sharum on Facebook
  • Mhara @
  • Stephanie ‏ @soapfanfiction on Twitter
  • Pam @Pam72210 on Twitter
  • Trevor Cretzman on Facebook

You have the chance to select from the items below – contact with your preference and your address. We’re doing this on a first come, first served basis, so be quick!

  • Super rare SALT Shirt signed by both Stacy and Bradford
  • Signed “The Darwin Conspiracy” (scifi/thriller starring Stacy) VHS
  • Signed Soap Opera Digest (August, 2009) – “Chaos Theory”
  • Signed CBS Soaps In Depth (February, 2012) – Stacy, Peter & Genie cover
  • Signed SeaQuest Trading Card – Operation Petticoat
  • Signed SeaQuest Trading Card – Monkey Business
  • Signed SeaQuest Trading Card – WSKR Work

Extra special thanks to Nelly @, Sam @, Dan @, Rennie Cowan, Ric and everyone else who helped promote the auction. Thank you guys and we’re looking forward to doing this again next year!

Thank You Video From Stacy About the Auction

From Stacy’s Facebook page: “Thank you SO much for all your bids for Save A Kitty! I am very grateful for each and every bidder, and everyone else who helped spread the word, helped make this auction a success.”

Click here to view the video that accompanied this message on Stacy’s Facebook page.

A Few Last Minute Items and Notes From Stacy

A few last minute additions to the Save A Kitty Auction:

Don’t forget to drop by Stacy’s Facebook, to get frequent updates from her. The following messages is from her Facebook regarding all the birthday wishes and the many bids you have placed on eBay.

Retweet/Share Link to to Enter Giveaway!

Help us spread the word about Stacy’s charity auction to benefit Save A Kitty, CA to win the item of your choice.

  1. Follow @StaceHaiduk OR friend her on Facebook (unless you’ve already done this).
  2. Retweet this OR Share this on your wall between now and April 29 at least ONCE (but not so many times as to annoy your followers ;>). Those with websites are asked to email the webmasters of this site a link to their post about the auction.
  3. A winner will be selected at random from the retweets and share notes on April 29th.


And here’s what you can win: your choice of a Superboy, a SeaQuest or a YR item from the group below.



A good friend of ours has offered a fantastic custom Mass Effect piece for those spreading the word on tumblr, read below:


Custom Mass Effect Poster Giveaway!

The Official Stacy Haiduk Website is sponsoring a charity auction to benefit Save a Kitty, CA – a non-profit organization that rescues homeless, sick, injured and orphaned cats and kittens from the streets of Los Angeles, and finds them loving forever homes.

To promote awareness for this excellent cause, each reblog of this post (up to five reblogs per tumblr account) will count as an entry to win a custom* 24”x36” Mass Effect Nighthawks poster, like the one you see above.

* If you can provide HD screenshots from the end-run of ME2, I will replace my Shepard with your version of the character. Otherwise, I can insert “generic” male or female Shep at your request.

A close-up of Shep and crew | A pic of the real thing

You do not need to follow this tumblr or stacyhaidukfan to participate. A winner will be selected at random from the reblog notes on this entry at 11:59PM EST, April 28th. Thanks!

Stacy Haiduk Signed Items NOW LIVE For Charity Auction

Check out our eBay store for some super rare Stacy signed items and help Save A Kitty, CA with your bids! 100% of your bids go to help Save a Kitty, CA – Stacy’s charity of choice, a non-profit organization that rescues homeless, sick, injured and orphaned cats and kittens from the streets of Los Angeles, and finds them loving forever homes. Should there be any S&H fees remaining. the monies will be refunded to you.

Please note that some of the auction items will end on the 29th. The previews below show most of the items grouped by project, for a full listing visit the eBay store. Thank you!

The First Few Save A Kitty Auction Items Now LIVE!

From Stacy’s Facebook: “OK, the first few items are not live on eBay in my webmaster’s store at There will be a LOT more posted as the day progresses – close to a 100 things!! We want to give a chance for everyone in all time zones to get a good bidding time. Remember, it’s all for the kitties! 😀 xoxo

Stacy & Mimzy Art by Lúcia Nóbrega!

A fantastic last minute addition to the auction from acclaimed artist & illustrator Lúcia Nóbrega. The watermark won’t be on the piece.

Stacy Haiduk Signed YR Items for Save A Kitty

There’s still a box of goodies with super rare items on their way from Stacy to us, but we already have close to a 100 items we’ll be auctioning off starting Saturday on eBay. Below is a quick shot of *all* the Super Sekret Stacy Stash and a picture preview of the YR related items. The YR list includes signed magazine covers, 8 x 10 photos and Stacy’s signed shooting script of the episode that aired December 13, 2011. Feel free to comment on the photos at Stace’s Facebook page.

Stacy and Mimzy for the Save A Kitty, CA Charity Auction

Taken during the Save A Kitty, CA promo shoot. Click here to learn more about the upcoming auction.

Stacy and Mimzy for Save A Kitty, CA

Stacy and and her cat Mimzy sent a few photos to share on the web as we gear up for the April charity auction to benefit Save A Kitty, Inc. (CA). We are working on getting the complete list of items posted, till then you can see a preview of the items in the posts below.

Stacy Haiduk