Johnny Was Holiday Catalog

Stacy and her daughter Sophia Tatum are featured in the 2016 Holiday catalog for Johnny Was Clothing.


New Photos

stacyhaiduk2016d stacyhaiduk2016c stacyhaiduk2016 2-stacyhaiduk2016b

#YR Fan Event Photos

Daytime Confidential has posted Steven Bergman’s photos of the fan event here. Enjoy!


New Photos

A handful of new photos with Lily.

From the New Photoshoot

Stacy2014-07-00 Stacy2014-07-01 Stacy2014-07-02 Stacy2014-07-03 Stacy2014-07-04 Stacy2014-07-05

Stacy Photographed by Brian Kelly

New Photos

Two new photos from a recent photoshoot with Bradford Tatum.

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