New Interview About #YR and Acting @StaceHaiduk – English Version

The promised English version of Dominique Fortier’s interview with Stacy.

You have a very impressive filmography and played in many series such as Prison Break and Heroes. Tell us about your most memorable roles you’ve played.
I guess playing Lana Lang in the Superboy series was one role I will never forget. It was my first Television series. Looking back on it now, it was a show of that time. It was truly innocent. Special effects on the show weren’t what they are now, but it was an absolute joy!!! Lillie Langtry on The Kindred was another character and show I really enjoyed. A bit ahead of its time though. Would have loved to see that one go a bit longer than only the 7 episodes. I feel very blessed to have played such a variety of characters through the years and I look forward to more.

How did you discover the world of soap operas and how do you compare it with your experience in other TV series?
I had auditioned on a lot of them when I first moved to N.Y.C. I did a small role on Another World. But really it wasn’t until All My Children when I had an opportunity to work as a contract player. I was pretty nervous because the first day I got on the set I had 20 pages to memorize and it wasn’t just a line here and there. It was monologues. [Continue reading…]