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The Young & The Restless Prop Extraordinaire: Mr. Kitty

The handsome Mr. Kitty was a popular prop with his own fans on the American daytime drama The Young and the Restless in Stacy’s storyline between 2009 and 2016.¬†As unusual as that may sound, the cat prop was Stacy’s co-star while she portrayed Mary Jane Benson and in a dual role mentally unstable Patty Williams.

The following is from People Magazine from 2009, full article here:

“A cat lover who has three felines of her own, Haiduk says the stuffed kitty prop, which she believes was someone’s former pet, is rented from a prop house [by The Young and the Restless production] for the role and has received tons of fan mail. “It’s pretty incredible how this [cat] has affected people,” she says.

In 2009, when Haiduk went into L.A.’s Orpheum Theatre for the Daytime Emmys, Mr. Kitty sat next to her throughout the ceremony. “Literally, I gave it its own seat,” she says. “And then somebody said, ‘That’s my seat,’ and we said, ‘No, no, no, this is Mr. Kitty, he has his own seat tonight.’ People around me were just laughing. People love it, they really, really do.”

Mr. Kitty was so popular that he had his own mockumentary narrated by The Young and the Restless cast. Unfortunately, the video has been removed from YouTube.

Here’s Patty’s Wikipedia page for your reference.