New Interview About #YR and Acting @StaceHaiduk – English Version – Full

The promised English version of Dominique Fortier’s interview with Stacy.

You have a very impressive filmography and played in many series such as Prison Break and Heroes. Tell us about your most memorable roles you’ve played.
I guess playing Lana Lang in the Superboy series was one role I will never forget. It was my first Television series. Looking back on it now, it was a show of that time. It was truly innocent. Special effects on the show weren’t what they are now, but it was an absolute joy!!! Lillie Langtry on The Kindred was another character and show I really enjoyed. A bit ahead of its time though. Would have loved to see that one go a bit longer than only the 7 episodes. I feel very blessed to have played such a variety of characters through the years and I look forward to more.

How did you discover the world of soap operas and how do you compare it with your experience in other TV series?
I had auditioned on a lot of them when I first moved to N.Y.C. I did a small role on Another World. But really it wasn’t until All My Children when I had an opportunity to work as a contract player. I was pretty nervous because the first day I got on the set I had 20 pages to memorize and it wasn’t just a line here and there. It was monologues. So I remember staying up very late the night before and memorizing everything. The difference between a night time show and soap opera’s is night time you have maybe at the most 6 pages in a day and you can do as many takes as the director likes. You will have a master shot which you would do 3 or 4 times and then they go in for coverage and you can have up to 6 more takes depending. Some directors go 10 takes and you get to try different ways. A soap, you have 1 rehearsal and you shoot. You get 1 take usually, sometimes 2 if you lucky.

Your role as psychotic [Ed: I prefer ‘damaged’] Patty Williams must have been a pretty challenging role, especially since you were also doing another character at the same time on the show. How did you get inside the mind of a mentally unstable woman?
Well, it wasn’t always easy, but definitely challenging and fun. A lot of getting into the characters was putting on the wig. Except when both characters would wear it. Patty was pure innocent and I would find her body language and know that was her Emily was more together and again I would get into her body language. Some actors might do it differently, but for me it was a physical transition. Each one had there own. As for playing crazy, play it real and let the circumstances be what’s nutty.

You were the third Patty on the show. Did you watch what Andrea Evans and Lilibet Stern did in the past and how to you approach a role that already been portrayed by someone else?
I did not watch any of their work, I am sure they were wonderful. I don’t think I ever saw Y&R until I started working on it and even then I have a hard time watching myself. I believe you approach a role just like you would any, you need to be true to yourself and play it how you see it. What’s funny is Doug Davidson showed me a clip 6 months into working on Y&R of the first Patty. He was like “you captured her essence”. That made me feel good when he said that.

What is your current status on the Young and the restless?
As you see, I come back and leave, I come back and leave. Ha! Ha1

You seem to have a certain affinity for police series and detective work. How did this “casting” occur?
It would be nice to say I choose it all the time, but most of the time it chooses me.

If you had the choice between an uncertain career doing movies or a permanent role on a soap, which would you choose?
I think it would be nice to have a job that lasted 15-20 years or more on the same show and if that is a Soap, yeah, why not? But then I have stayed in an uncertain business for over 25 years and continued to work. So I still look forward to the one show that will give me longevity. Who knows?

Many soaps disappeared in the last years. Do you think that there is still a place on TV for that genre?
Absolutely!!! I see their appeal is increasing. Soaps are the most basic type of storytelling and I feel they will always have an audience.

When your character was at its peak of visibility on Y&R, what kind of schedule did you have. Walk us through a week in the life of a soap star.
We had a 3 day weekend and so we would shoot Tuesday – Friday. We would get some of the scripts on the Friday before our week. I loved working every day. I had 5 shows that week and they would sometimes split the shows up through out each day and some shows you would shoot in 1 day. I would wake up at 5 am, have my coffee and drive to work. I would go through hair and make up be done by 8 am. We would do a dry rehearsal at 8:30 am, which means you get with the Director and he would tell you where you need to be during the scene. He would go over each scene that you were doing on that set. Then you would finish and go get changed. The shooting day started at 9:05 am. You would hopefully get a chance to run lines with whomever you were working with in the scenes. I would do all the scenes that were Patty first and then change over to Emily and do her scenes. There was 1 day when I had 60 pages to do. I was playing both characters and they were very emotional scenes and it was absolute heaven. I was constantly changing costumes and wigs and we finally had lunch. A little bit of a break. I got very emotional during my lunch hour, which is a half an hour. I told myself you have 5 minutes to cry, 10 minutes to clean yourself up and the rest of the time to look over your lines. I was very proud of myself that day and we got done early.

What are your professional wishes for the future?
To have my own show on the air where I am acting and producing and getting to work with top talent.

Your chemistry on the screen with Doug Davidson was incredible. How do you build such a natural affinity with a coworker?
Sometimes you have to create chemistry and sometimes you just have it with your co-star. I was blessed with Doug because we just had it. Our first scene was the one where he comes to the hotel room and I tell him “it’s me, Patty.” We both weren’t sure what the scene was going to be like and we just trusted one another. Working with Doug Davidson was like jumping off a cliff and knowing he would be there to catch me every time. I love working with Doug (Paulie).

Can you tell us something we don’t know about Stacy Haiduk?
I am a bit of a doofus. Ha!! Ha!! I like comfort. I wear my pajama’s most of the time. A pair of snowman pj’s and a pair of kitty slippers which I made myself. I am pretty easy-going and I love life, especially when I am working.